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Why Use a Church Staffing Company?

The wrong hire in a church can cost your church financially, ruin morale, cause families to leave, and split churches. We've seen it.

Choosing the right person to be the pastor of your church is a critical decision. We bring experience, outside perspective, and more decision-making data.

What To Expect Working With Us:

  • We learn your church: culture, team, beliefs, challenges, and the ideal candidate
  • We get to know applicants—beliefs, background, and experience
  • Promotion of job posting on our website—including our current database of 100s of candidates
  • Detailed and thorough vetting + preliminary interviews of qualified applicants
  • A carefully selected list of final candidates

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"Context Staffing has been an incredible asset to our church. When it's time to refine our culture and team by looking outside having Context Staffing has been incredible. Their tools and process helped us connect to some amazing leaders we would not have met otherwise." Kevin Peck | The Austin Stone Church
"Searching for a senior leader can feel daunting. We navigated the process on our own, for over a year, before engaging Context Staffing It was a game changer. They helped us with every step of the process—making an overwhelming task clear, accessible, and effective." Gary McQuinn | Park Church
"I can't say enough about Brian Howard and our experience with Context Staffing. He coached us through a complex transition and helped us find a fantastic leader for our church. I would highly recommend using his services Context Staffing exceeded all of our expectations." Rick Beckett | Ekklesia Eugene
"Brian understands team fit and culture, and the complexity of hiring the right person for the right role. He and his team will be your coach, your counsel, your administrator, and a champion for you and your church. You won't regret the investment." Jim Essian | The Paradox Church