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Build Your Dream Team

Day 1: Three Musts for Building a Dream Team


By: Brian Howard

One of the primary reasons churches stop moving forward is that they lack a quality team to effectively carry out their mission. If you as a church leader want to impact your community for the gospel, we highly recommend that you build a quality team alongside you. It is neither biblical nor wise for you to attempt to carry out ministry by yourself.

So how do you get the right people on your team?

If you want to lead your church well, you must have the right people around you. A significant key to getting the right people on your team is to hire well. Adding any new person to your team is a critical decision.

Adding the wrong person to your team can be costly and destructive, especially in a church context. A bad hire can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin morale, cause families to leave, split churches, and even end churches. None of those things are exaggerations. We have personally seen them all happen because of poor hiring decisions.

But how do I hire well? Building a dream team begins with the three C’s of hiring. Character, Competence, and Culture.


Character refers to who a person truly is. Character is who a person is when no one is watching. Every time I add a person to my team, I carefully research and assess the person’s character.


Competence is all about a person having the gifting and skillset to carry out a particular role. You can have all kinds of character and not have the skill to do a job. Churches often make the mistake of hiring a person with proven character without thoroughly vetting competence.


Culture is all about fit for your team. Is the person that you are considering hiring a good cultural fit? Just because a person has demonstrated character and is competent to carry out a role does not necessarily mean that person is an excellent cultural fit for your church.


So as you consider building your dream team ask:

Does this person love God, love others, and live a life consistent with his professed belief?
Does this person have the skill set to do the job?
How well does the person fit in our current culture and community?


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