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Why you Shouldn’t Hire another Staff Person

By: Context Staffing

Convinced that you need more paid staff?  You might want to consider coaching before you make that move.  Here are three reasons why coaching is so valuable:

Get a Coach

1.  Coaching is an Investment in You

Leadership can be a lonely place. Coaching does not replace community in the life of a leader but is invaluable in helping a coach navigate the challenges of leadership.  Who is currently investing in you? How confident are you that you are working as efficiently as possible? How satisfied are you with the balance between your work and your life?  Do you have leadership deficiencies that you would like to address? Are you stuck in any area and struggling to make progress? How tight is your priority management?  These are the kinds of issues that coaches address with leaders. A coach will come alongside you and help you grow in these areas and more.

2.  Coaching is an Investment in your Staff

Most leaders that I know think that they need more staff.  But many are also not satisfied with the performance of the staff that they currently have. Why throw more money at staffing without first ensuring that you are maximizing your current staff?  Your current staff could likely be much more effective than they are. New staffing will not fix or address issues that you have with current staff. A coach virtually guarantees higher productivity of current staff.

3.  Coaching costs a Small Fraction of what you would spend on a new Staff Person

We all know that staffing is expensive. The salary of a staff person is just the beginning, however. Work equipment, resources, health insurance, and taxes can pile on tens of thousands of dollars above the cost of a salary. You still have no idea that a new staff person will even be effective. Consider the fact that several of the people on your current staff could be coached for a fraction of the cost of another full-time staff person. A staff of three coached people is often more productive than an un-coached staff of 4 or 5 people.