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Day 10: How to Transition a Business Leader Onto Your Church Team


By: Brian Howard

Each person on your church team should be competent and skilled to excel in their role. Competence is all about a person having the gifting and PROVEN skillset to carry out their responsibilities. How do we best assess competence in a potential team member? The best way to evaluate a person's competence for a specific position is to LOOK BACK at the person's past performance.

With a business leader, this can be tricky. They often don’t have a track record that perfectly corresponds to ministry. That doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant, you just have to ask some questions to better understand their preparedness to work for your church.

Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.

People do what people do. It is doubtful that a person will start doing something she has never done before – even if she promises to do it when she joins your team.

But what if you are considering for your team a person in your church who will potentially be leaving another career behind to join your team? The key here is to look for past and proven experience doing "like" things.

I once hired a person for our church staff team who ran an AT&T store with thirteen employees. I knew what she would do on our staff team by what she had done in the past.

Suppose you are adding a person who is coming from another career to your church team to lead small groups. In this case, they should have proven experience organizing, visioneering, training, and leading people.

To accurately assess a person's competence for a role, you need to be clear on precisely the skillset for that role. Break it down into its pieces; including skills, knowledge, gifts and personality traits. Then you can more accurately assess a person’s fit for their new role.

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