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Day 5: How to Hire a Person with No Experience


By: Brian Howard

If you want to lead your church well, you must have the right people around you. A significant key to getting the right people on your team is to hire well. Adding any new person to your team is a critical decision.

In an earlier post, we stressed the importance of hiring a person who has both high character and PROVEN competence. The best way to ensure that a person is competent for a role on your team is to look back because past performance is the best indicator of future performance.

But we don't always have the luxury of hiring people with immense experience!

What if you are considering adding a person to your team who is fresh out of college or has limited experience?

The "Looking Back" principle in evaluating competence applies even when a person has limited or no formal experience.

When interviewing a young leader or recent graduate, assess how the person spent his years as a student. Did he have a pattern of doing similar kinds of things to the proposed role? Did he show the types of skills necessary to be on your team? (These questions are also helpful for a person considering a career transition to your church team.)

Successful companies often ask potential hires about their high school years. Or how they spent their college years. They are looking for indicators that a person will be successful in the future.

We have planted multiple churches, coached thousands of pastors worldwide, and are widely networked in the ministry world. We have access to a vast network of pastoral candidates off of the radar of a local church and have a long and successful track record of helping connect churches and leaders.

When considering adding a person to your team who is fresh out of college or has limited experience, utilize the "Looking Back" principle for similar demonstrated skills.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Team!

One of the key things that we do at Context Staffing is to help you make decisions as you build your team. We specialize in vetting leaders to ensure that you help you build your perfect team. Adding the wrong person to your team can be costly and destructive, especially in a church context. A bad hire can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin morale, cause families to leave, split churches, and even end churches. 

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