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Day 7: How We Can Help You Make A Better Hiring Decision


By: Brian Howard

The last week has been a firehouse of leadership and staffing content. It’s good stuff, but it’s a lot. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and unprepared to make the hires you need to make. We can help, in fact that is why we exist. We have seen churches make bad hiring decisions over and over, which have catastrophic results.

Adding the wrong person to your team can be costly and destructive, especially for a church. A bad hire can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin morale, cause families to leave, split churches, and even end churches. None of those things are exaggerations. We have personally seen them all happen because of poor hiring decisions.

We started Context Staffing to help you find the right leader. We specialize in finding leaders for churches. Our team spends hundreds of hours searching, recruiting, and vetting potential leaders for your church so that you can confidently build your dream team. Please, let us help. We are pastors who want to help pastors lead their churches effectively and joyfully.

We have planted multiple churches, coached thousands of pastors worldwide, and are widely networked in the ministry world. We have access to a vast network of pastoral candidates off of the radar of a local church and have a long and successful track record of helping connect churches and leaders.

Let Us Help You Build your Dream Team!

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