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Day 14: Should We Hire from the Inside or the Outside?


By: Brian Howard

So you really need to add a person to your team.

Perhaps you need an Executive Pastor or a Small Groups Director. Should you hire a person from the inside or look the outside? We suggest following this three-step process to make this decision:

Step 1: Look Within Your Church

Perhaps the person you need on your team is already a part of your church. Hiring a leader from the inside can be the right decision IF it is crystal clear that your potential inside hire is clearly competent for the position. When adding a new team member from the inside, cultural fit is already in place, and you can easily vet character. The key to an inside hire is being absolutely sure that the person is competent to move forward the ministry with excellence. However, NEVER hire a person simply because they are right in front of you. Churches repeatedly make this massive hiring mistake. A person has been a faithful volunteer. They love your church. You know them well. They really want the job. Their character is impeccable. What could go wrong? The answer is a lot can go wrong and likely will go wrong because you made the fatal mistake of hiring a person simply because they were in front of you. Hire from within only if competence is proven and evident.

Step 2: Look Within your Extended Network

If your hire is not within your church now, step 2 is to look within your extended network. Most of us have an extended network outside of our local context. Perhaps you are a part of the SBC, the PCA, Acts 29, or some other group. Or maybe you roll with the Exponential Crowd, the TGC crowd, or the T4G crowd. These Networks are an excellent place for you to look for a potential new team member. Allow us to suggest one significant caveat: If you have been looking for longer than six months, you will likely not find the person within your network. Our consistent experience is that we are all looking for leaders within networks, so this is a potential but challenging place to find the right new team member.

Step 3: Allow us to Find the Ideal Leader

If the person you are looking for is not within your church or extended Network, you will seldom find the right outside hire on your own. If you have been looking for more than six months, you have assuredly already exhausted your network. It’s time to allow us to bring you a pool of high-level leaders.

At Context Staffing, we search for, recruit, find, and vet high-level leaders for your team. While we do this work on your behalf, you can continue carrying out the vital ministry you are called to. Adding the wrong person to your team can be costly and destructive, especially in a church context. A bad hire can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin morale, cause families to leave, split churches, and even end churches. 

With this in mind, we would love to bring proven results to you.

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