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Day 19: Why Only One-Third of Your Hires Will Even Work Out


By: Brian Howard

In his book The Effective Executive, the brilliant management consultant, Peter Drucker, says that only ⅓ of your hires will work out. Drucker says that ⅓ of your hires will not work out at all, another ⅓ will be mediocre, and a final ⅓ of your hires will be solid additions. In these projections, Drucker assumes that you will do extensive due diligence in hiring. In our experience, few churches do due diligence at all.

We hire people because they are right in front of us, hire primarily because of character while ignoring competence and culture, and make a host of other hiring missteps.

These hiring missteps are costly and destructive, especially in a church context. A bad hire can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin morale, cause families to leave, split churches, and even end churches. None of those things are exaggerations. We have personally seen them all happen because of poor hiring decisions.

Before adding any person to your team, ensure that you have extensively vetted character, competence, and culture. Doing so takes dozens of hours for each candidate. But you will never regret the time invested in hiring well. We started Context Staffing to make sure that you hire well.

And remember, we started Context Staffing to help you find the right leader. We specialize in finding leaders for churches. Our team spends hundreds of hours searching, recruiting, and vetting potential leaders for your church so that you can confidently build your dream team.

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