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Day 17: Why You Should Not Hire When are Seeing Red (or Even Yellow) Flags


By: Brian Howard

If you see red (or even yellow) flags before hiring a potential team member, then slow down.

Here is an example of a red flag: if a potential team member shows poor follow-through skills in getting you requested documents, returning calls, or responding to emails before hiring her, imagine what life might be like once she is in the position.


a potential team member is most likely putting her best foot while trying to land the role. Don't ignore red (or even yellow) flags. When you see red flags before hiring a person, then step back and don't move forward. You will be glad in the future that you didn't ignore these warning signs.

And remember, we started Context Staffing to help you find the right leader. We specialize in finding leaders for churches. Our team spends hundreds of hours searching, recruiting, and vetting potential leaders for your church so that you can confidently build your dream team.

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